The Cutlass Security Group


Advisory Services

CSG’s threat and risk assessment services are designed to provide our clients with the information they need to make appropriate risk-based strategy determinations. Our history of military, regulatory, and corporate security experience provides us the ability to help craft programs designed to deter, detect, and delay physical threats to your facilities and systems.


In today’s connected world, almost everything is on-line, making work easier and B2B relationships stronger. However, this connectivity bears significant risk, which if not recognized, could cause your company to be tomorrow's headline. Policies, programs, and procedures are essential to today's threat environment in order to safeguard corporate IT and control systems. At CSG, the integrity and security of your organization is our number one concern.


Security resilience is defined as the ability to prepare for, and adapt to, changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from event disruptions. CSG can provide insight and guidance that is designed to mitigate risk, reduce organizational impact, and promote continuity of system operations.

Risk Management

Security Risk Management is the ongoing process of identifying security risks and implementing plans to address them. CSG can help highlight current risks and advise on emerging threats that could be impactful to your business. The Cutlass Security Group is trained to work across departmental boundaries and eliminate silos to deliver comprehensive guidance and counsel to our clients. We aid in helping organizations gain awareness of their system vulnerabilities, harden their most critical assets, and then put plans in place to mitigate risk.

Security and Compliance Services

Physical and Cybersecurity Convergence

Risk Assessments

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Exercise and Planning

Compliance Reviews




Audit Readiness Reviews

Resilience Planning

Insider Threat Mitigation

Security Technology, Risk Controls, and Protective Measures

Strategic Planning and Security Design

Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Training

Security Operations Center (SOC) Planning and Testing

Response and Recovery Planning